LIFE is a rock band

john buck - guitars, mandolin, vocals, garbage man

jeff elwood - drums, ward of the government

michael kischnick - guitars, b.vocals, meat cutter

sean lynnes - bass, b.vocals, mad scientist






A band is born...

A band is born...

-  Jeff and John - been buds forever-  Played music most of their lives 

They moved to Kelowna and started a band, and they called that sucker LIFE 

Along the road and many shows, they met a guy named Mike 

He played guitar like a superstar.     He had hair that everyone liked 

We wrote some stuff and Kent joined up - the party had just begun 

We rocked and raged and made some hay and partied, like, a ton 

well shit happens, as it always does, and it got us off our groove 

So we did some different projects, and we lit another fuse 

So now the latest songs are done and and videos to boot 

And Sean is in the show now, hope he brought his parachute 

That about covers it...