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We are currently going through some Upgrades! All new website coming soon - new look, new features - all to coincide with our upcoming releases!

Lots happening in 2020 - stayed tuned!

Until then, this site will still operate - check out some music while you are here

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Sept. 2019

Took a little time off the work end of things in august, now back at it!

Best news?? First show of the fall on September 20 at Fernandos on Kelowna, BC.


July 2019

Mixing almost done on our first tune.

Kat Lawrence from Canadian rock legends "The Headpins" sang some great tracks and it is all coming together nicely.

lining up some more studio time to finish the other recordings, and full band rehearsals have started again, WOO!

April 2019

Recording is going so smooth, it almost can't be real! Everyone is laying down KILLER tracks. The first of the new batch, "STATE OF SHOCK/FINE MESS" is better than we imagined, plus an added bonus: KAT LAWRENCE, lead singer for THE HEADPINS is going to grace it with some stunning vocal work.... oh boy oh boy oh boy,,,

Mar 2019

Finally! A month with more MUSIC than business...

The band is jamming hard to prep for upcoming shows - Our new Bass player SEAN is kicking ass - Our bottom end is HUGE now...

Also making great progress on our new material - Stay tuned!!

Feb 2019

Our new line of LIFE merchandise is rolling in! Check out our "Things 'n' Stuff page and pick out something cool

Jan 2019

 RELEASED!! Our latest tune, "PORN STAR" is now up and ready to get down! Hear it here now on the MUSIC  page, or SEE it on YouTube. This one will get the blood pumping - but HEY! Hands where we can see them - this ain't porn hub -  just kick ass rock and roll

Put up a live video of our song, "SHATTERED DREAMS"  on our YouTube channel. Great time, great crowd - hard rock action!!

Dec 2018

complications with work caused us to lose our bass player, Mike Hawkins...dang.  He is a good man and a fine player.

Out of the ashes.... Awesome bass player and all - round musician Sean Lynnes has joined the madness. So freaking stoked to have him on with us. Look out now!

Oct. 2018

New Song!

LIFE's latest song, "LAST CALL"   is up on this site and on YouTube!

...did you ever get that one phone call - and you thought that was going to be the last time you hear that person? Thats what this song is about...

Sept 2018

Filming for the video for our upcoming release, "PORN STAR" is complete!!

Wow, that was a good time! If the video is half as good as the shoot, it will be epic - so much fun was had by all.

No, it is not actual porn, you horny bastards...just good old innendo. We will keep you posted

June 2018

The new Video for "WALK MY WAY" is now strutting around YouTube, so click on the link above and check it out!                                There's a lyric video for it, too,  so you can walk AND sing

We've put up some new LIVE videos, as well - Random covers from bands we dig,  AND a new lyric video!
More on the way, so keep checking our channel...

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